Lord Krishna is the hindu deity, worshipped in hindu religion. Krishna is considered as the avatar of lord Vishnu in Dwapar Yuga. Krishna is often portrayed as an impressible boy playing flute, a prankster, a graceful dancer and a irresistible lover. The stories of Krishna appears across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and theological traditions. Every people has their own favourite stories among the Krishna Stories. Holydrops has compiled few of the most popular among many Krishna Stories for kids as well.

Celebration At Gokul

Yogmaya was bom to Yasoda, everyone in Gokula was unaware of exchange of children by Vasudev because of their half consciousness. As soon as they woke up, they heard the news from Yasoda's hou...


How Lord Krishna Reached To Gokula

Vasudeva was told by Shri Vishnu to transfer the new born child immediately to the house of Nanda in Gokula. But Devaki and Vasudeva still have several questions running in their minds that how it...


Devaki Escapes Death

Lord Narayana, having decided to be born as the son of Vasudeva and Devaki, first entered into the heart of Vasudeva. Vasudeva’s face began to shine like the sun. People were amazed to see t...


Yogamaya’s Mission

As years rolled on, Kansa killed six children of Devaki’s one after another. The seventh child was growing in the womb of Devaki.  Lord Vishnu told Adisesha, the snake to be the seventh...


Kansa’s Persecution Of The Yadavas

Once there was a time Shri Narada Muni, the divine sage, visited Kansa. He spoke to Kansa about most of the inhabitants of Gokula, with Nanda as their head, were all Devas born on the earth at the...


Journey From Brihadvana To Vrindavan

Once Nand Baba arranged a meeting for all Yadavas to discuss the safety of Krishna. Nand Baba and all the others were very much frightened by the happenings going on in their Gokul. The everyd...


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