Yogamaya’s Mission

As years rolled on, Kansa killed six children of Devaki’s one after another. The seventh child was growing in the womb of Devaki.  Lord Vishnu told Adisesha, the snake to be the seventh child of Devaki. Lord Vishnu felt that the time had come for Him to appear in the world.

Lord Vishnu called Yoga Maya, his supreme power and commanded her. “Devi, go to Gokula where many cowherd men and women lives. Vasudeva’s second wife Rohini is also there. My spiritual power Adisesha is within the womb of Devaki. You go to Gokula, extract the child from the womb of Devaki and place it inside Rohini. That child, when born, will be known as “Balarama”. I myself will be born as the eighth son of Devaki under the name of “Krishna”. You will, at the same time, be born as the daughter of Nanda and Yasoda. Yoga Maya accordingly descended to the earth to carry out the order of the Lord Vishnu.

Devaki fell into a trance and Yoga Maya transferred the child from her womb to Rohini’s womb. So it appeared as if Devaki had a miscarriage. All the inhabitants of the place loudly lamented, “Devaki has lost her child.” On hearing this rumour Kansa felt relieved and start thinking that Devaki would not give birth to an eighth child now. But his believe was not true. It was the beginning of his end.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015