Pearls Of Wisdom

Featuring many inspiring ideas, this guide encourages people to help those they don't know for the sole purpose of pleasing God.


Questions And Answers About Islam: Vol. 2

Delving into a variety of important religious issues, this guide will help those who are embarking on their own personal exploration of Islam by examining the wisdom of the Qur'an, the virtues of serv...


Honour, Violence, Women And Islam

Why are honour killings and honour-related violence (HRV) so important to understand? What do such crimes represent? And how does HRV fit in with Western views and perceptions of Islam? This distincti...


Political Islam: A Critical Reader

As the topic of political Islam gains increased visibility in international politics and current affairs, it has become more difficult to navigate the vast literature that is devoted to explaining thi...


Islam And Politics In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia manifests some of the most interesting, non-violent as well as conflictual elements of Islamic social and political life in the world. This book examines the ways in which Muslim politi...


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