Journey From Brihadvana To Vrindavan

Once Nand Baba arranged a meeting for all Yadavas to discuss the safety of Krishna.

Nand Baba and all the others were very much frightened by the happenings going on in their Gokul.

The everyday visits of the demons and their secretive death initiated them great concern.

After a continued discussion the eldest among them gave the suggestion to migrate to some other place.

He suggested a beautiful place called Vrindavan at the foot of the hill Govardhana.

Nand Baba and the others welcomed the suggestion.

They all decided to move to Vrindavan the next day with all their wagons and cattle wealth.

All Gopas and Gopis managed their belongings and loaded them in carts.

They decided that all the old men, women and children will sit in the carts and the young men will walk guarding these carts.

Rohini, Yasoda, Krishna and Balrama sat into one cart. After a long journey they reached Vrindavan.

Balrama and Krishna were overjoyed to see the beautiful scenes of Vrindavan,

the Govardhana Mountain and the sand ridges on the Yamuna banks.

When Krishna, Balrama and other boys had grown a little older,

they were assigned task with the grazing of the calves and later of the cows.

They welcomed the assignment and now they could move in the outskirts with the other boys.

In the company of other cowherd boys they took the small calves out.

They carried with them numerous playthings also.

Krishna would play on his flute and it was a sight to see the peacocks dancing to his music as Vrindavan was full of peacocks.

Krishna and Balrama used to dance as well. The dance and the tinkling of the anklet bells would delight the hearts of their playmates.

Sometimes they would cover themselves with blankets and imitate cows and bulls fighting with one another.

They used to mimic the yells of the animals. Thus they played about like ordinary boys relishing everyone.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 19, 2015