Mary And The Unity Of The Church

A revelation of Mary's part in accomplishing the unity necessary for the Church to become 'the Bride without spot or blemish' for presentation to Jesus at the Rapture. This book attempts to reconcile ...


Salvation In Hell

Prophecies, arguments and experiences in favour of presenting the offer of salvation through the blood of Jesus to those who died without hearing the gospel. This is a technical and theological book w...


Rescuing The Damned

RESCUING THE DAMNED: a concise overview of the revelations contained in the book Salvation in Hell. This book reveals how the Church can now rescue souls from hell if they have never heard of, or reje...


What Matters For Children And Families

Eight writers, representing several different family heritages, created this edition especially for church leaders, parents, and caregivers who minister to children ages 12 and younger. It will teach ...


Bewitchment, You Foolish Galatians

You Foolish Galatians Who has bewitched you? (Galatians 3: 1) The International Church of Christ (ICoC) and the church of Christ both refuse to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit by way of a cruci...


Shaker Village

A Shaker Village is the second book in a series of Schiffer Paper Craft Projects. It is designed to be both instructional and gratifying as a do-it-yourself creation. The village consists of 6 cut and...


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