How Lord Krishna Reached To Gokula

Vasudeva was told by Shri Vishnu to transfer the new born child immediately to the house of Nanda in Gokula. But Devaki and Vasudeva still have several questions running in their minds that how it would be possible to transfer the child to a new place as there were fully armed guards on every door of the cell. But Lord Vishnu insist Vasudeva to do so. Vasudeva picked up the child very carefully in his arms and went near the door. Suddenly, door of the cell opened and he saw that all the guards are sunk in a deep sleep.

Vasudeva managed to come out of the cell without any problem and reached the banks of the Yamuna. All on a sudden, the thunderstorm started. It started raining heavily. Vasudeva was worried that how he could manage to save this child in this bad weather. Suddenly, Adishesha – the Lord Vishnu’s snake appears and raised his hoods to form an umbrella to protect the child from the rain.

Due to heavy rain, it was all water on the way. River Yamuna was full on flood and Vasudeva as very confused as what to do. Suddenly, the river parted its waters providing a dry path for Vasudeva. He walked along the path, reached the other shore and went straight to Nanda’ s house.

He entered the room of Yashoda – wife of Nanda. The entire family was in deep sleep. No one noticed about Vasudeva. He saw a new born girl lying by the side of Yashoda. He gently placed his son besides Yashoda, picked up her daughter and carried her in the basket back to Mathura. As soon as he reached the prison, and entered his cell, the doors got locked by themselves. None knew what had happened. That way the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva safely reached Gokula.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015