Celebration At Gokul

Yogmaya was bom to Yasoda, everyone in Gokula was unaware of exchange of children by Vasudev because of their half consciousness. As soon as they woke up, they heard the news from Yasoda's house that she had given birth to a son. Yasoda's husband Nanda was the Head of Gokula, for that whole Gokula came with joy to greet the chlid. Vishnu, The Lord of Universe, lay there by the side of Yasoda as her newly born child. All the brahmans and holy men chanted the sacred mantras to prevent all evils. Being a happy father, Nanda gave beautiful gifts and sweets to all.


Whole Gokula was in festive look. Songs were sung by musicians and there were perpetual sounds of drums, kettle-drums and other musical instruments. All the houses were decorated and all the streets were filled with enigmatic aroma. Rohini the other wife of Vasudeva also gave birth to a son just before Yasoda. Rohini was hiding herself in Gokula to getaway from Kamsa's cruelity. So, surrounded by Gopis both Yasoda and Rohini were shining like queens with their sons. The son of queen Rohini was fair whereas Yasoda's son was dark

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015