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Today Holy Drops is sharing content like Aartis, Bhajans, Prayers, Articles, Quotes, Chalisa, Festivals, Holy Places, Religious Wallpapers, Vedic Mantras, Temples, Gurudwaras, Yatras, Gurus, Ashrams, Yogas etc. Information about various religious books is also available on Holy Drops for various religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism and Yoga & meditation etc. The users have endless possibilities to add any religious information on the website.

This website not only provides a spiritual world where its users can gain from its contents but also provides a platform to share their personal religious experiences from the various holy places they visited in India or abroad by becoming a member of this holy website. Your participation to contribute your experiences, thoughts, articles, quotes & photos will help in improving this website and will make a great difference. Your small contributions, like when to visit a religious place, where to stay, how to reach, nearby places, what to avoid etc. will benefit hundreds of people from all walk of life.

If we all pull together and pledge our total commitment and effort, we will succeed in reaching this important goal. Thank you for your efforts and personal contributions as we work toward this goal together. While the challenges are great, we are convinced that our team of talented, committed professionals will deliver to the world a very exhaustive website on the religion. We always took initiatives on your valuable feedback & suggestions to make this website more informative and meaningful.

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