Libra Yearly Predictions

General Predictions
During this year You will have a positive attitude towards life and will be over confident. You will continue to wield power and authority either in government or publiclife. Short distance journeys are indicated which will bearfruits due to your hard work. You will spend freely onsocial and charitable institutions. You may suffer from ill health and there may be sickness in the family.

Career & Finance
You might want to change your job in 2017. You will meet your goals through your efforts. But, you must not leave your job undone and work pending. Do the work with full dedication to improve your prospects. The experiences during this year will improve your managerial qualities. You will lead your team to meet your goals. You will have good financial condition in the starting three months of year 2017. In this duration, you will be able to defeat your enemies and will earn benefits from sale and purchase of property. You will expand your business through your savings. Do not perform risky acts in this duration. Your income will increase with the support of senior officials.

Love & Marriage
Most of Libra people will have a kind of difficult choice in love this 2017. A big misunderstanding may someday break idyllic relationship in wealthy families. An unstable family may almost certainly break, since Libra would seek and find happiness outside. Unmarried youngsters will experience all the joys and sorrows of love at first sight. Singles at this time will to no avail persuade themselves to be more mature and sensible. Love will sweep them off their feet and turn their lives into a real chaos.

Home & Family
People born under Libra could spin out of control. Be ready to manage even the smallest situation that comes up with family or a loved one. Ignoring a small warning sign could result in major issues down the road. If you want harmony, be ready to talk out problems. Commit to a willingness to work through issues that come up, don't just pull the rip cord like you sometimes to. This year's horoscope shows that there's a realistic possibility that any type of dramatic action in the early part of the year could lead to the end of a relationship that, up to now, has been going well.

In Year 2017 the position of chandra indicates a slight reduction in vitality. Otherwise you have fairly good health throughout. But your health may be affected because of mental anxieties. You should give service of some kind to others to avoid self-destructive tendencies.

This year most of the people born under Libra sign will not want to take the time to do something as leveling as take a vacation. Work, work and more work will be the name of the game. In terms of learning, this will be divine as you will be eager to gobble up any and all information that can help things to keep going so well. But you, force yourself to slow down sometime in June or July. You cannot keep a crazy pace forever. Better allow yourself to rest so you can finish off 2017 with the same vitality you started with.

In year 2017 general indications for education are very good. You are very intelligent and love to read and study. You have a quick, keen mind with educational and literary interests.

Important periods in the year 2017

Best period for travel: 15 March 2017 to 25 May 2017
Best period for romance/ family matters: 15 April 2017 to 25 July 2017
Best period for new ventures: 19 July 2017 to 16 September 2017