Aquarius Yearly Predictions

General Predictions
2017 is a good year for the Aquarians. You can maintain a healthy family life all across the year. If you are having any romantic relationships then this year you may get married. You will also be financially secured. Some of you may get promotion. The middle of the year will be wonderful. Your unique thoughts would give you fresh ideas and help your progress but you might face unnecessary delay for executing the plan during some phases of the year 2017. Your noble characters dynamism and confidence will power your work easily to handle the situations. But sometimes people born under this sign can act a little demanding and persuasive too.

Career & Finance
You will keep yourself busy on the work front in the beginning of 2017. You may change the techniques of working. Usage of modern techniques may prove beneficial on the professional front. Those waiting for a job or transfer may be successful during this time. You will become more alert regarding your financial status. You will use your creativity on the work front and will handle managerial tasks. You will try to reduce professional expenses. At the end of the year, you may earn profits from foreign nations by skillfully using your abilities and experience. Irregularity in expenses will continue.

Love & Marriage
During this year, your love life will be happy, but you seem more interested in party than serious romance. You will be drawn to relationships that are non-committal, fun, and no-strings-attached. Most of the Aquarians will get married at the right age, without much difficulty. Your marriage partner will be the 'Turning point in your life'. You have a very independent nature and must try to be more cooperative.

Home & Family
In year 2017, dig deep and start paying attention to your loved ones. Take the spotlight off of you once in awhile. This year 2017 shows that people will not have a lot of sympathy for you and your relationship woes in the first half of 2017. Expect to weather the storm on your own. If there's a problem, fix it and move on. Changing your reaction to problems or offering more love than usual will help bring your family, friends and loved ones back to where they should be - loving you.

You will normally have good health all this year. But due to some reasons you may have a weak constitution. Eat right, exercise and get the rest you need. Rest is the key in 2017. There is so much going on that you will be tempted to skip out but when you do, you will feel the effects. Don't sabotage forward movements by avoiding something so simple.

During the month of January to March 2017 there are indications that you may face some obstacles in your work but your hard work and intensive effort will help you to achieve desirable success. Planetary positions would favor those who are working on a foreign land. The chances for Aquarians to visit overseas for holiday and vacation are high. You would start something new based on your recent discoveries by travel and overseas business.

In year 2017 Aquarians will have chance to go abroad for higher studies and you may visit far of countries to seek spiritual knowledge or for religious pursuits too. You have a quick, keen mind with educational and literary interests. You are not always logical but are very alert and argumentative. Your efforts will never be fruitless.

Important periods in the year 2017

Best period for travel: 13 March 2017 to 02 June 2017
Best period for romance/ family matters: 24 July 2017 to 31 November 2017
Best period for new ventures: 14 June 2017 to 21 November 2017