Panchang is Indian calendar based on placement of planets in zodiac and Nakshtra.The word panchang is derived from the Sanskrit word Panchangam 1. Panch means - Five 2. Ang means - Parts (limbs). This refers to the five parts of the Calendar names as: Tithi, Day, Nakshtra, Yog and Karan. The panchangam may also includes details about Rahu kalam, Yamagandam, Gulika Kalam, Durmuhurtham, Varjyam, Lagna Pravesh tables, daily planetory transists, and other information. People call panchang with different names like Panchang, Panchangam, Panchangamu, Panjangam, Jantri, Panjika, etc..., and there are various calendars / panchang used through out India, depending on region.

Hindu Panchang is based on both Solar and Lunar months. Mainly Lunar Calendar is used. In lunar calendar, there are tweleve(12) months. Names of lunar months are: Chaitra, Vaishakha, Jyestha, Ashadha, Shravana, Bhadrapada, Ashwayuja (Ashwin), Kartik, Margashirsha, Pausha, Maha, Phalguna.

Tithi: The Thithi is calculated with help of poisition of Sun and Moon in transit. Tithi is said to be complete when moon complete 12 degree each time. Moon completes a circle in 30 days (tithi) as per Indian Calendar. Acomplete circle is called Poornima (full moon). After that moon starts decresing. The day, when it is not visible is called Amavasya. Moon complete increasing and decreasing period in 15-15 days and complete 30 days in one mass (month).
The period when moon is increasing is called the Bright Half (Sukl Paksha) and the period when moon is decreasing is called the Dark Half (Krishna Paksha).

Day: There are 7 days in a week. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Nakshatra (Star): There are 27 star. The zodiac is divided into these stars of 13.20 degree each. Each star further sub-divided into 4 parts known as quarter.

Yoga: yoga is period during which the join motion of longitudes of sun and moon amounts to 13 degree of arc. There are 27 Yogas named as Vishkumbh, Preeti, Aayushman, Saubhagya, Shobhan, Atigand, Sukarma, Dhriti, Shool, Gand, Vridhi, Dhruv, Vyaghat, Harshan, Vajra, Sidhi, Vyatipat, Variyaan, Parigh, Shiv, Sidh, Sadhya, Shubh, Shukla, Brahm, Ainder and Vaidhriti.

Karna: Half of a Tithi is called Karan. A karna occurs when there is difference of 6 degree in between logitudes of Sun and Moon. There are 11. karnas named as Bava, Balava, Kaulava, Taitil, Gara , Vanija , Vishti , Shakuni , Chatushpada , Naga , Kishtunghana.

Here is the utility for you to view Panchang along with Sunrise, Sunset, Rahukaal, Gulikan, Yamagandam, Durmuhurt, Abhjit Muhurt.

CHANTILLY, UNITED STATES    Day : Jun 16, 2024 Sunday

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Muhurats and Dashas

  • Rahukaal          : 17:45:22 to 19:37:00                 
  • Gulikan                    : 15:53:45 to 17:45:22
  • YamaGandam     : 12:10:30 to 14:02:07                 
  • Durmuhurt      : 17:37:56 to 18:37:28

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