Political Islam: A Critical Reader

Book Summary

As the topic of political Islam gains increased visibility in international politics and current affairs, it has become more difficult to navigate the vast literature that is devoted to explaining this phenomenon. This reader provides the student with an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the study of political Islam. Offering a clear route to the most influential literature in the field, the diverse range of viewpoints presented allows students to obtain a detailed, authoritative and critical perspective on the most pressing questions of the post-9/11 era. With detailed introductory chapters and clear presentation of existing literature, thematically-arranged sections cover: Modern understandings and explanations of Islamism The emergence and development of Islamist groups Political responses to the phenomenon Democracy and democratization Multiculturalism Political violence and terrorism Globalization The future of political Islam This overview of political Islam will help students at all levels to appreciate its many manifestations and dimensions. A relevant text to introductory courses on history, international affairs, government and sociology, this reader is an essential tool for students of the Middle East, Muslim politics, religion in politics and Islamism.

Book Details

Book Name Political Islam: A Critical Reader
Author Frdric Volpi, Frederic Volpi
Publisher Routledge (Nov 2010)
ISBN 9780415560283
Pages 488
Language English
Price 2205

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