The Babm And Baha'm Religions 1844-1944

This book examines the extensive writings and documents about the history of the Baha'i Faith by Western authors not themselves Baha'is. Some contemporary Western accounts of the early Babm and Bah...


Understanding Christian-Muslim Relations

Improved understanding between Christians and Muslims is a crucial prerequisite for universal peace and justice. This book aims to investigate Islam's place in the world, Muslim aspirations vis-a-vis ...


My Soul Is A Woman: The Feminine In Islam

An internationally acclaimed scholar, who has dedicated more than fifty years of her life to understanding the Islamic world.Annemarie Schimmel examines a much-misunderstood feature of Islam: the role...


Islam And Education: Myths And Truths

In this timely volume based on a special issue of "Comparative Economic Review," leading comparative education scholars explore the world of education in Islam from the medieval era to today, illumina...


A Muslim's Pocket Guide To Christianity

Relations between Muslim and Christian communities have been tested in recent years, with mutual misunderstandings often prevalent on both sides. To improve relations there needs to be clearer picture...


Islam And The Victorians

This book brings to life Victorian Britain's conceptions and misconceptions of the Muslim World using a thorough investigation of varied cultural sources of the period. She discovers the prevailing re...


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