Legitimating New Religions

James R. Lewis has written the first book to deal explicitly with the issue of how emerging religions legitimate themselves. He contends that a new religion has at least four different, though overlap...


Yahweh Versus Baalism

The author uses a literary-theological approach to argue that the main theme of the combined Gideon-Abimelech narrative is a theological one, where the narrator demonstrates Yahweh's supreme power and...


How To Respond To Muslims

Purchase Books Similar To How To Respond To Muslims How To Respond - Muslims by Philip H. Lochhaas Rs. 384 Rs. 307 Der Physiologische Weg Zur... by Ernest Hahn Rs. 754 Rs. 581 ...


The Poems Of Abu Sa'id Abu'l Kheyr

Abu-Sa'id Abu'l Kheyr is revered as one of the fathers of Sufism and the Rubaiyat. His philosophy of self annihilation in the path of divine love became popularized by Rumi two centuries later. His ...


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