Moses As Political Leader

Aaron Wildavsky, a giant of American political science, brings his profound understanding of human affairs to bear on the founding of the world's most enduring political community, the nation of Israe...


Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah, 1626-1676

Messianic longing and expectation, always rife throughout Jewish history, have often found expression in movements prompted by messianic pretenders, forerunners, or prophets. A richly detailed acco...


Gaon Of Vilna: The Man And His Image

"A pathbreaking book in Jewish Studies. . . . Etkes is careful to separate the man himself from the mythic role he later came to occupy in the modern Jewish landscape. This emphasis upon 'image, ' and...


The Jews Of Britain, 1656 To 2000

"Elegantly crafted, studded with carefully balanced and shrewd judgments, and brimming with original and intelligent observations."--David B. Ruderman, author of "Jewish Enlightenment in an English Ke...


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