The Sabra

"Fascinating in both its materials and its conclusions. [Almog's] arguments are forceful, yet very well grounded in empirical and theoretical works. The integrative and analytic power of this scholarl...


Scrolls Of Testimony

Scrolls of Testimony is a profoundly moving chronicle of the Holocaust. Awardwinning Israeli writer Abba Kovner, intended it to be an almost liturgical account of the greatest tragedy to befall the Je...


The Crucifixion Of The Jews

Purchase Books Similar To The Crucifixion Of The Jews The Reformers And Their... by Leonard Verduin Rs. 1386 Rs. 1123 From State Church To... by Franklin Hamlin Littell Rs. 1110 ...


California Jews

In the late nineteenth century, a Jewish resident in the small Romanian town of Husch received a letter from a friend in America. "If you want to be poor all your life," the writer admonished, "go to ...


Decoding The Dogma Within The Enigma

Rabbi Moses Cordoeiro (aka Cordovero, 1522-1570) was a towering mystical thinker in Safed and retains to this day a seat of honor in Jewish intellectual history. Ranking among the most prolific and lu...


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