By Shaker Hands

An appealing illustrated portrayal of the art and world of the Shakers--their furniture and artifacts, and the spirit and precepts embodied in them.


The Shaker Village

The Shaker faith is estimated to have had a total of fewer than 20,000 members across its 250-year history, yet more than 100,000 people visit the various Shaker villages and museums scattered across ...


Messages From The Divine Father: Messages

This book is a warning from the Lord about what is coming in the future. First I wish to share my testimony of how I came to know the Lord. As a teenager, I became involved in a gang. I drank quite a ...


The Shakers

In 1774, a band of English religious dissenters came to America seeking redemption and earthly paradise through hard work and good deeds. They were called Shakers, and their leader was a mysterious an...


The Story Of The Shakers

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