Mountain Record Of Zen Talks

In this treasury of Zen wisdom based on his talks, the abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Tremper, New York, explores the eight areas of study that are the focus for training in his community: med...


Heart Of Dogen's Shobogenzo The

Two of DO gen's most esteemed translators provide key chapters form his Zen masterpiece, the Sho bo genzo , in English with annotations to guide the reader.


Toward A Philosophy Of Zen Buddhism

Zen experience defies all thinking and linguistic description and simply affirms what is evidently real: "The ordinary way-that precisely is the Way." After questioning the nature of reality, the Zen ...


Five Houses Of Zen

For all its emphasis on the direct experience of insight without reliance on the products of the intellect, the Zen tradition has created a huge body of writings. Of this vast literature, the writings...


Zen Antics

Throughout Zen history, stories and anecdotes of Zen masters and their students have been used as teaching devices to exemplify the enlightened spirit. Unlike many of the baffling dialogues between Ze...


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