Jewish Dharma: A Guide To The Practice Of Judaism And Zen

Book Summary

Books like the "Jew in the Lotus" have helped to define the intersection of Jewish and Zen experience and custom. Now, in the first guide to the "practice" of both Judaism and Zen, Dr. Brenda Shoshanna, a long-time practitioner and student of both, shares her insights with over one million people who identify as "JuBus," as well as Jews, Zen students, non-Jews, and everyone in the interfaith community who seeks understanding, meaning, and a life grounded in these authentic faiths. Each chapter of "Jewish Dharma" focuses on common issues that introduce disorder to our lives, using personal narrative, parables, quotations from both Jewish and Zen scriptures, anecdotes, and exercises. Specific guidelines and exercises help readers integrate both practices into their everyday lives-and thereby gain deeper understanding and happiness.

Book Details

Book Name Jewish Dharma: A Guide To The Practice Of Judaism And Zen
Author Brenda Shoshanna
Publisher Da Capo Press (Aug 2008)
ISBN 9781600940439
Pages 291
Language English
Price 911

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