Yasoda Ties Krishna To A Mortar

Once Yasoda was mixing curd and at the same time she was remembering the playful activities of Krishna. She created beautiful songs about him and enjoyed singing them to herself. Krishna was sleeping in the room and when he woke up he felt hungry. He did hold the rod and stopped Yasoda from churning.

Yasoda smiled, took him on her lap and started feeding him. But suddenly she smelt the boiling milk overflowing from the vessel and getting burnt as she had kept the pan on fire in the kitchen. She immediately dropped Krishna on the floor and rushed to the kitchen. Krishna was only half fed so he felt annoyed. His eyes became red and he began to bite his lips. He took a piece of stone and threw at the churning pot in anger. The pot broke and he took a large quantity of the butter in his small hands. With false tears in his eyes he entered a room. Hiding himself in a corner he went on eating the butter, seated on a mortar.

Yasoda returned after a while and found that the pot was broken and all the curd was flowing all over. However, Krishna was not to be seen anywhere near. She already knew that breaking the pot was Krishna’s work. She slowly followed his butter smeared footprints. Krishna was sitting on a wooden mortar, sharing the butter with the monkeys which had come down from the trees. Yasoda, with a little stick in her hand carefully moved toward him from behind. To saw her mother coming, Krishna got down from mortar and began to run with fear. Yasoda too ran towards with the stick in her hand to catch Krishna. After some time Krishna allowed himself to be caught by Yasoda. He looked as if confessing his guilt.  She looked at him and saw that he was weeping.

Being a tender-hearted mother Yasoda did not have the heart to hit her son with the stick. So she quickly threw the stick and merely scolded him. She brought a short piece of rope and tried to tie Krishna by the side of mortar. But she found the rope a little short. She got another piece and joined both the ropes.

What a miracle! Still the rope was two inches short to make a knot. So she attached one more piece of rope to it even then this rope was short by the same two inches. Yasoda joined all the ropes present in the house still the shortage of two inches remained constant. She got annoyed as the tying up of Krishna was not complete. The Gopis were watching this fantastic rope-trick; all of them started laughing at Yasoda’s discomfiture.

On that, Yasoda too joined in their laughter! When Krishna saw his mother tired and sweating, he allowed himself to be tied up out of sympathy for her. Then Yasoda went inside to continue her household duties, leaving Krishna tied up with the mortar.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015