Putana’s Carnage

Kamsa used many methods to kill all newborn children. He called upon an Asura woman named Putana. He explained his plan to her and she got ready to help him. She disguised herself as beautiful woman and walked in the cities looking out for children. She had an unbelievable power to change herself to any form. One day, flying in the air, she saw Gokula. She had never been there before. She got down. She entered the Nanda’s house, changing her form into that of a beautiful woman. To see her beauty and loveliness, Yasoda thought that she must be Goddess Lakshmi in human form. Putana impressed and won the hearts of everyone in Gokula. Baby Krishna was lying in the cradle. Putana found nobody around her and lifted the child from the cradle. She took him in her arms and sat down placing baby Krishna on her lap. She forced baby Krishna to suck her poisoned breasts. She wanted to kill the baby Krishna in this way. But how she could dare to kill the Lord as the lord himself has come to kill the evil-minded. Baby Krishna with her two little hands held her breast firmly and began to suck. But after a few seconds she realized that he was sucking her very life. She was in great pain. She shouted, “Please stop. Leave me! Leave me!”

She kept on shouting. She tried to separate the child from her breast. But Krishna was not to be cheated of his feed. He kept on sucking with double energy and joy. The loud cry of hers caused vibrations on earth. Putana got back to her original form and fell down dead. The baby Krishna started playing on her body running from one end to another. Yasoda who heard the loud cry of dying Putana came running there. She picked up the child in her arms and took him away from there. She fed him and put him to sleep covering him with a piece of silk cloth. The baby slept happily as if nothing had happened. At the same time Nanda returned from Mathura.

Yasoda took him to the sight where Putana was lying dead. He called up number of Gokula people and with great difficulty carried the huge body of Putana to the suburbs of the city and cremated it.

After that all of them told Nanda how Putana came in the appearance of a beautiful woman and cheated them all. They prayed to God for saving the child from great misfortune as they didn’t know that it was God Himself in form of baby Krishna, who came on earth to kill all the evil powers?

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015