Priest Garga Performed Naming Ceremony Of Children

The learned Garga was family priest of the Yadus. Vasudeva wanted Garga to name his children. So he requested Garga to visit Gokula and name the children. Garga accepted his request and reached in Gokula. Nanda and Yasoda received him with great respect. Nanda asked Garga to perform the naming ceremony for both of his sons. Garga too came there for this purpose, so he instantly agreed. But he advised Nanda to perform ceremony without much splendor. He said if we do naming ceremony with much pomp, it could alert Kamsa about the importance of children.

He would definitely try to kill them. Nanda accepted Garga’s suggestion. Garga performed all the rites in a simple way and told Nanda in private, “This Rohini’s child charms everyone with his beauty. He will make happy his friends and relatives by his qualities. So we shall name him ‘Rama’. And because he will possess extraordinary bodily strength, he will also be known as ‘Bala’. So he will be called Balarama. In addition, because he brings together Vasudeva’s family and Nanda’s family - he will also be known as ‘Sankarshana’.

He said to Nanda that ”The younger boy is God incarnate. As he has a dark complexion, we shall name him Krishna. Since his father’s name is Vasudeva, he will be known as Vasudeva. This child will bring you great good luck. Look after him with all care and attention.” Garga departed for his own home after completing the ceremony. Nanda and Yasoda were highly delighted and felt blessed.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015