Nanda’s Visit To Mathura

Nanda, head of Gokula was one of the liegeman of Kamsa. He had to pay annual tribute to Kamsa every year. So Nanda went to Mathura at the time of payment. Vasudeva heard of Nanda’s visit to Mathura, so he went to meet him at his abode. Both of them were great friends. Vasudeva was extremely happy to see Nanda in Mathura. He hugged Nanda with both arms. They spent a nice long time together and enquired   about   each   other’s   wellbeing. Vasudeva showed his gratitude to Nanda for giving shelter to Rohini and his son.

During their conversation, Vasudeva enquired about wellbeing of Nanda’s child but without revealing that Krishna was really his own son. Nanda told everything about Gokula to Vasudeva and he was very much delighted. Vasudeva told Nanda to return to Gokula as he was expecting some trouble there. Nanda departed from Mathura and returned Vrindavan with other cowherds in their bullock carts.  Nanda was constantly praying to the Lord during his travel. He dreaded that Vasudeva would not have spoken in consequence unless some danger was really frightening them.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015