Krishna’s Blessings On Fruit Seller

Once, Krishna was playing with Balarama and other friends in the courtyard. Suddenly, he heard the voice of a woman selling fruits in the street. Krishna wanted to buy those fruits immediately but he had no money. His saw a huge heap of grains nearby. He picked up handful of grains in his tiny fists and ran to the street. While running, most of the grains fell down to the ground from his hands.

He came to the fruit seller and holding out his hands said,” O dear lady, give me fruits in exchange of these grains.” The woman was bowled over by his beauty and charm. She said, “O my dear child! You have come to purchase fruits in exchange of grains. Most of the grains have fallen down on the way, but still you may take as much fruits as you like.”

Saying this, she packed Krishna’s small hands with as much of fruits as he could hold. And Krishna dropped the few remaining grains into her basket. When the woman came back home and looked into her basket she was amazed and could not believe her eyes. All those grains had turned into jewels and gold. Krishna performed this miracle to show that anything offered to him with love and affection returns to the devotees increased a thousand fold.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015