Krishna Destroyed Sakatasura & Trinavarta.

Krishna was three months old now and growing up quickly. He turned over on his belly and even attempted to move slowly. Yasoda felt so happy when she saw her son crawling and smiling at her. She wanted to commemorate this occasion. She invited all the ladies of Gokula. They all went to bank or river Yamuna. There Krishna was given a traditional bath with music, drums and chanting of mantras.

Yasoda found her son too exhausted and sleepy after the bath. There was a big cart standing nearby. She placed the cradle under the cart and softly laid the baby in the cradle. She busied herself in serving the guests who had come to her abode. Baby Krishna got up after a while and started crying. But Yasoda did not hear the cry in the huge noise of crowd. Krishna became very angry and started kicking with his little legs. At the kicking of his legs, the cart shook and distorted with a great sound. The wheels separated from the axle. All the products on the cart got scattered and spilt. Some of the little children who were watching it got scared and ran to Yasoda and informed her about Krishna’s act. Yasoda and others got worried and came running to the cart. Everyone was shocked and frightened. It appears that the card had got upset and was destroyed by itself. All the boys who witnessed the feat said with absolute certainty that the cart was upset by the kick of the baby. But the elders could not believe their words. Yasoda thought that Krishna might have been possessed by ghost, without delay she called some priests to chant Mantras to get rid of the ghost. But the baby was not affected by these things at all.    The fact was that an Asura named Sakatasura had taken the form of a cart on the advice of Kamsa. He had come to Gokula with the purpose of running away with the child. But the Lord, in the form of a baby Krishna, knew everything and with a kick of his foot shattered the cart and killed the Asura.

One day Yasoda was having baby Krishna on her lap. Suddenly she felt him too heavy and could not bear his weight, so she gently placed him on the floor. She meditated on the Lord and prayed for protection. Then she busied herself again in her household works.

Once Krishna was sitting on the ground, Kamsa sent a demon named Trinavarta to kill the child. Trinavarta saw here and there, when noticed that no one was near the child, he quickly picked up the child and rose into the sky. He wanted to carry the child as high as possible and then to drop it to the ground. He become a whirlwind and surrounded the whole Gokula in dust. All the people got blinded with dust. People got panic and began to run here and there. Yasoda ran to protect her child. But the child was not there. She searched but found no trace of her son, nor could she understand why. She fell down on the ground and began to mourn very pathetically. A large number of Gopis came running to her house to console her.

Now the Asura rose very high in the sky, but suddenly he felt the child becoming heavier and heavier and become unable to bear his weight. He tried to drop him down, but the child had caught the demon’s neck tightly. Trinavarta was now unable to do anything. The baby Krishna pressed the neck of the demon and choked him to death. Without any movement and sound, asura fell down dead. The Gopis saw the huge body of the demon stretched on the ground, with the baby playing on his chest as if nothing had happened. They took away the child right away. Yasoda was immensely happy to get her child back unhurt.

Once, Yasoda was feeding baby Krishna. When the child finished drinking milk, feeling sleepy, he yawned. Mother Yasoda was looking at him with a loving smile. She was surprised at what she saw in the open mouth of the sleepy child. She saw the whole universe in it. She saw the sky & the three worlds. She got surprised and with fear closed her eyes for while, but when she opened her eyes, everything was normal and the baby was smiling. She was really blessed to have had this revelation!

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015