Breaking The Twin Trees

Being tied to the mortar Krishna sat there gently. He was not able to move here and there. He felt very much bored. As he tried to crawl slowly, he found the mortar was too coming behind him. Silently he moved towards the door, dragging with him the mortar. Gradually he came out of the house. He saw some boys playing there. He felt that they would make fun of him, he moved slowly towards the vacant land with mortar tied up. There was a path leading to the forest. As if feeling tired, he sat down on the mortar to rest. At a distance he saw a pair of trees named Yamal and Arjuna. There was only a small gap in between the two.

He thought a plan to free himself from that heavy mortar. He thought “If I press myself through the trees to the other side the big mortar will not pass through the gap. I shall use all my strength to pull the mortar. The rope will then break and I can free myself.” He pulled at the mortar with full strength but the rope did not snap as he expected. He tried it again with all his strength. But instead of breaking the rope, the two trees fell to the ground. And there gracefully two celestial beings came out from these trees. They bowed down to Krishna and introduced themselves as the sons of Kubera. He told him that Narada had cursed them once to become trees for their misdeeds and only the touch of Krishna would deliver them from the curse. They sang the glory of Krishna and departed to their divine abode.

Some boys were looking from a distance at this act of Krishna with great surprise. Hearing the loud crashing sound; Yasoda and others reached to the place. Yasoda was surprised to see how Krishna had pulled that big mortar to such a long distance. She also saw that he had just escaped being crushed by the two huge trees. She untied the rope, took Krishna on her lap and fondled him with increased love.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015