Birth Of Shri Krishna

In the cool, calm and peace reigned midnight, when sky was clear and stars were twinkling bright. The lotus flowers in lakes were in full blossom, expressing their happiness in the coming of Lord Krishna to the earth. In the heavens the gods beat drums to announce the Lord’s advent on the earth. They showered flowers from the sky to express their happiness. At such a time, in the darkness of midnight, Lord Vishnu, was born to Mata Devaki in the form of child Krishna.

Vasudeva was attentively looking at that very beautiful child.  Suddenly a miracle happened and the great God Vishnu had appeared in his real Avatar. Vasudeva looked at the child and he immediately understood that the child was none other than Lord Vishnu himself.

Vasudev was thinking that he has been blessed with a very beautiful child, but the cruel Kansa will come and kill him. But then the next moment he realized that this was not an ordinary child but God Himself in the form of a human. He started thinking of Lord Vishnu with full devotion and all his fears gone.

He began to offer prayers to the child, O Lord! The evil-minded Kansa, frightened by the prospect of your birth in our family, has killed all the children born to me so far. Now when he comes to learn about your birth, he will certainly come here weapon in hand to slaughter you also. Even though Vasudeva knew on the other hand that Krishna could not be killed by Kansa, yet on the other hand, his father’s heart grew anxious about the danger from Kansa.

Devaki praise the Lord that they should destroy Kansa who is oppressing all good people. I cannot keep you as my own, but unlike my other children I have to hand over you to cruel Kansa. Devaki was so afraid of Kansa that she could not believe that Kansa would be unable to kill Lord Vishnu. Out of motherly affection she requested the Lord to assume the form of an ordinary child.

Lord Vishnu was supremely pleased with the simplicity of Devaki. He said to her affectionately, “Mata Devaki, you are a true and purest of women. In your previous birth you did penance for a long time and worshipped me with full of devotion. I was very pleased with your devotion & Prayers. Pleased you’re your devotion, I asked you to take a boon from me and then you asked me to born as your son. I had accepted your request and fixed you as my mother in my next incarnations and so this time I am born as your son.  I had fulfilled my words and now I assure you that Kansa assassination is very near. By saying this he turned into child.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015