Sant Kabir About Remembrance Of God

Hindi Text

Once Saint Kabir was sitting in his hut and doing work and some one asked him,"You are always weaving the cloth and when you do remember the God". Saint Kabir smiles and came out from his hut along with the devotee and told him to stay there and he will show him the answer to the query.

Saint Kabir showed the devotee a Women who was bringing water in the pitcher placed on her head. She was coming with great energy and was very happy. She was not holding the pitcher but still walking without any stress and also singing some song.

Kabir ji told the devotee, "Look at her she is so happy, might be some loved one has visited her house and she is bringing water. Please tell me if she is remembering the pitcher on her head or not. The devotee answered that if she is not remembering the pitcher she might have thrown it on the earth. Kabir ji answered if this simple lady can walk with the remembrance of pitcher on her head and still can sing songs then how I can't remember the God while weaving the clothes. My soul is always connected to the God. My body weaves the clothes but my soul always recite the Gods name so my hand also weaves the clothes with happiness.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Feb 18, 2015