Promise Of Lord Vishnu To Be Born On Earth

Once upon a time there was innumerable Asuras disguised themselves as proud and arrogant kings. Then mother earth thought that it is not possible now to bear the burden of these Asuras. Then she takes the form of a cow and then appeared before Lord Brahma.

She started crying pitiably and narrated her tale of woe to Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma listen her story carefully but he felt sorry at her sufferings. But along with that, he also told her that there is only One Being in this Universe who can help her in finding solution. “Lord Vishnu” he told, and we shall take asylum in Him.”

Accompanied by Lord Shiva & Lord Brahma, Mother Earth in the form of a Cow proceeded to Lord Vishnu’s Dham in Baikunth where the Lord Vishnu was sitting on “Adisesha” the Snake, in the ocean of milk. They all bowed to Lord Vishnu by reaching his place and prayed to him with the utmost devotion.

Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Mother Earth stood there in deep meditation. Suddenly, Lord Brahma heard a ringing voice of Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma woke up from his meditation and addressed the other gods: ‘I have just listened the words of Lord Vishnu in my meditation,” Lord Brahma said that the Lord Vishnu is already aware of all the grievances of Mother Earth. And he has decided to born on earth as the son of Devaki (Sister of Kansa) and Vasudeva.

Lord Brahma addressed to Cow that “You are all to be born on earth in the Yadu Vansh to be his helpers as long as he remains there.” After hearing these words of Lord Brahma, Mother Earth, Lord Shiva and all the gods were very pleased and quite satisfied. As they had been given assurance by Lord Vishnu the Protector. Everyone returned happily to their respective places.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 20, 2015