Teachings Of Sant Mat And Sant Baljit Singh

Sant Mat is an age-old, spiritual way of life that includes developing respect, trust, and love for all and discovering our full potential as true human beings. It is a lifestyle in harmony with higher values that nurtures our soul through meditation—the regular contact with the inner light and sound. This contact is made available through a living spiritual teacher...

The benefits of the Sant Mat lifestyle include increased inner strength, peace, and clarity. One discovers greater compassion and understanding, a sense of service to humanity, and further insight into one's purpose in life.

The goal of Sant Mat is for us to become true human beings, to know our self as soul, and to realize our oneness with the Creator.

What is the Purpose of Human Life?

Sant Mat is a practical way of life for realizing your true self as soul and awakening into the highest consciousness, God-realization.

Sant Mat is a basic practice of spiritual science or mysticism, universal in nature and not associated with any particular tradition or religion. This "science of the soul" can be practiced and enjoyed by people of all ages, traditions, and religions.

The essential component of Sant Mat is the first-hand contact with one's own Higher Self at the level of soul in the form of inner Light and inner Sound. A living Master-Saint can establish this inner connection in the aspirant free of charge.

The inner Light and Sound are the inner Divine manifestations, in some traditions called the Word or Holy Spirit; they are the link between soul and Over-Soul, between God and the Creation.

What is Meditation?

Simply put, whatever we focus our attention on is what we are meditating upon. That's why meditation is neither positive nor negative, but rather it depends much more on the object of our attention. Ever since birth our attention has been focused on the outside world as we have experienced it through the five senses.

Since the material world is in a constant state of change, our condition reflects this instability and uncertainty physically, emotionally, or mentally. As a result, we experience different degrees of restlessness and rest, sickness and health, fear and contentment, hatred and love, etc. This constant play between the negative and positive (duality) is the cause of suffering.

By withdrawing our attention from the changing material world and focusing within on the inner light and inner sound of God (Source, Oversoul, Higher Self, etc.), who is the source of all creation, we automatically absorb all the qualities and attributes of the divine, which will then begin to draw us towards itself. With regular and sincere practice we will learn to rise above body consciousness towards the highest state of being.

Why Are We Here?

Throughout the ages this simple question has been at the core of the human being's quest for spiritual knowledge. In questioning, answers are found. Until we begin to question who we are and why we are here, we will pass our lives never finding that vast treasure of Life within.

The true purpose of life is to awaken as soul and merge our individual soul with God, the unchangeable and permanent Source of all life, love, wisdom, and peace. Attainment of self-knowledge and God-realization is the birthright of every human being, as we are all children of the same God. This reconnection of the soul with God is a question of our own practical spiritual experience. To establish this reconnection, the competent Master opens our spiritual eye at the time of initiation, showing us entry into the Kingdom of God.

Through this practice of meditation on the inner light and sound we can come to know who and what we are and why we are here, thus fulfilling the purpose of life. To connect us again with that highest source of knowledge, we need the help of one who is himself connected with it.

This has been the role of all the great Masters and Saints throughout the ages. At all times the world has been blessed with the presence of a true Master. Such Masters come to awaken us from our slumber and give us understanding and experience of the Truth firsthand. They come to dispel the darkness of ignorance that prevails in this material world by uncovering the Light that lies hidden within each and every human being.

What is Karma?

The Law of Karma is a law of action and reaction. For every action (in the form of thought, word, or deed) that we commit, an equal action will be committed upon us. Like prisoners awaiting the end of our sentence, we are bound to existence in those lower regions of Creation where the Law of Karma governs until we have borne all the reactions of our good and bad actions since the beginning of time.

All the actions we commit: feeding a hungry person, taking a life, eating an apple, gossiping, praying, having prideful thoughts, are like seeds that we are sowing. Once sown, the seed will bring a harvest yielding similar seeds. The reactions (the 'harvest') that come must be allowed to have their effect on us in order to clear our karmic debts and free us to progress to higher states of existence.

The Law of Karma is a law of justice pure, unbiased, absolute, and inescapable. There is also the Law of Grace, which has the power to free us from our karmic bonds. This law can act upon us through the grace of a living Perfect Master who has the authority and competency to burn away karmas on our behalf.

What is Initiation?

Initiation means to begin or start. In this context we refer to the first step on the spiritual path: the process by which the Master-power removes the veil in front of the inner ear and the inner eye and removes the causes (karma) for further lives (reincarnations) in this world. Once this procedure is done, it cannot be cancelled again. In addition the Master-power remains with the soul and promises to guide the soul towards self-knowledge and God-realization from the very moment of initiation.

The process of initiation may be conveyed through Sant Baljit Singh personally or through an authorized representative. During the initiation, the soul is directly reconnected with its own higher self in the original form of Light and Sound. The process takes about two hours. Some theory regarding life as soul and the inner spiritual regions is given, followed by two meditation sittings: the meditation of Light and the meditation of listening to the holy Sound Current within.

There is never any charge to receive this meditation intruction. One maintains his/her family situation, job, religion, customs, and other worldly connections and responsibilities. It is not necessary to go to some mountain or into seclusion to find God. In fact, the Masters have always stressed "man-making", which is to fully maintain one's outer responsibilities while walking the spiritual path.

Is there a difference between initiation conveyed by the Master and initiation conveyed by an authorized representative?

The initiation is a spiritual practice that is done by the Master-power. Therefore, it makes no difference if the Master is giving the initiation himself or if it is done through an authorized initiating representative.

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