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Sant Sant Thakar Singh was born in a small village in northern India in the year 1930. Sant Sant Thakar Singh's mother and father were very devoted to God and the child was brought up in a loving, spiritual environment. At a young age, Sant Sant Thakar Singh's father died and Sant Sant Thakar Singh had to work quite hard to support His family.

Sant Sant Thakar Singh wanted desperately to find God. Although Sant Sant Thakar Singh was raised in the Sikh religion, He could not find a practical experience of God and therefore studied many other religions. Sant Sant Thakar Singh also met and questioned countless saintly persons to no avail.

Sant Sant Thakar Singh was the only person of His village to go to college, where He received a degree in civil engineering. For 26 years, Sant Sant Thakar Singh worked as an officer in the Indian government, still continuing His quest for Truth. Sant Sant Thakar Singh was very much respected and sought after because of His hard word and ethical habits. Sant Sant Thakar Singh would tackle difficult jobs no one else wanted to face and often worked 16 hours a day for months on end.

In 1965, Sant Sant Thakar Singh attended the discourses of the living Master Sant Kirpal Singh. After some days and following many questions put to the Master, Sant Thakar Singh received the meditation - the Initiation into the holy light and Sound of God. The young man did not tell His family because He wanted to test the meditation - to check practically whether it was all the Master claimed it would be.

Following four months of sitting in meditation three to four hours daily, Sant Thakar Singh joyously told His family and colleagues His life - long search had ended.

Before the demise of Sant Kirpal Singh in 1974, the Master asked Sant Thakar Singh to take a long leave of absence from His job and to go into intensive meditation (18 hours daily) for more than one year. During this period, Sant Thakar Singh became self-realized, although outwardly He was as humble and selfless as ever.

Sant Thakar Singh was ordered from within to take up the spiritual role as Master - to help suffering humanity all the world over. Accordingly, Sant Thakar Singh retired from the Indian government to work even more hard in His retirement, for the whole world.

Since 1976, Sant Thakar Singh has worked ceaselessly - giving everything He has to provide all comfort and peace to everyone He meets. Almost 200, 000 souls around the world have been connected with the inner Light and Sound.

Sant Thakar Singh lives on His retirement pension, never charging or taking money for His services. Sant Thakar Singh also shuns gifts and lives very simply. Sant Thakar Singh is a true torchbearer of love, humility, and simplicity.

Just as one goes to a living dentist to have one's teeth repaired, we must go to a God - realized person to receive the inner connection. All Masters stress they do not connect you with Themselves, but to your own God - self within. Sant Thakar Singh simply wishes to be called brother or friend, as He truly feels Himself to be less than those He Helps.


I too, belonged to a religion. Similar to to your religion, my religion also could not accept the concept of a living Master. As Christians feel that Christ is here and is perfect for everything, and there is no need of a living Master, I believed that Guru Nanak was sufficient for me and that he wouldtake me to my goal; there was no need of a physical Master. But after having worked very hard, very hard, to find God, according to instructions I found from others, I failed, nothing worked. I was then feeling that I had worked so hard, so earnestly, so honestly, that perhaps no one else in this world had tried so hard to find God. Then I was disappointed; either there is no God, or man is so unlucky that he can only ask for God but can never find Him. If, with all my efforts I could not find God, I felt that no one else would succeed in finding Him. But, then God arranged for me to find a connection to my Master in some way. I attended his holy gatherings for satsang* three or four times, after which I began to feel that there was something reliable with him.

But, even after having listened to six or seven talks, I still could not make a decision. My mind told: "Oh, what are you thinking about this Master? You have Guru Nanank and have such faith in him, why are you losing this faith? Go along as you were."

But, my mind was working in one direction and my soul, which was now also there, was working in the opposite direction. My soul was very eager, very impatient: "Go to the Master, take initiation. Take this chance, this opportunity, for once lost, you may not find it again. Don’t lose it. Go and find it!"

But my mind was saying: "Are you silly? Why are you thinking of all these things? You are a great leader of this organisation against living Masters and thousands of people accept your greatness in this organisation. Why are you making such haste? Let it be next year, or let it be after some time. Don’t be in such a hurry." So I decided not to accept the initiation and went back to my job the next day.

So this went on. Sometimes my soul was stronger and I began to walk to the bus stand to go and see the Master. But as I was walking, my mind again became stronger: "Go back!" And I went back. This happened three times. But there was such a motivating force from my soul that I found myself running towards the bus stand. Then my mind could no longer do anything. I caught the bus and went back to my home and had a little lunch, it was lunchtime at that time, and left one application for leave from my job for two days.

I had no address of the Master or where he was going after having left the area. So I went to that place where he had stayed for the past week and got the address from someone there. I caught a bus and set out to see the Master who was at about 48 miles distance. I arrived in the evening just as the Master began his talk. Suddenly, one attendant came and took hold of me and brought me to the front row. As it happened, I attended two other talks from this vantagepoint and after, I got initiated.


From childhood on I had an inclination to read the scriptures.

I had gone through almost all the scriptures of Indian mythology and the Bible, but I was especially attracted to the Adi Granth, because it was written by the Masters themselves who were working at the level of soul, not at the level of body, mind and intellect.

In all those scriptures it was very clearly written that we are souls and belong to God, that there is no other place for us, that our true home is with God.

But before initiation I could not understand the true meaning of these scriptures, nor did their meaning enter my heart.

After being initiated by my Master, when he had awakened me as soul, I was able to really understand the scriptures because real knowledge and wisdom come directly from God to the soul.

Soul is receptive to God. After initiation God can use your soul to teach your heart, to teach you, to explain to you and to bless you without any interference or confusion from intellect and mind.


The life and conduct of a perfect Master single Him out as a unique personality apart from the rest of mankind.

Sant Thakar Singh is always a bestower of gifts and never a recipient. Sant Thakar Singh never wishes for the slightest service from His following. Sant Thakar Singh earns His own living and is never a burden upon anyone. All His personal savings, if any, He spends on the relief of the needy.

Sant Thakar Singh does not charge any fees for imparting spiritual instructions. On the contrary, Sant Thakar Singh bestows spirituality as a free gift like any other gift of God, such as light, air, and water.

Sant Thakar Singh is a living embodiment of humility. With all His powers and greatness that co - equal God, Sant Thakar Singh never claims credit for anything but attributes everything to God or to His Master.

Sant Thakar Singh who regards Himself as the lowest is in fact the highest.

Sant Thakar Singh is at peace with all and angry with none. Sant Thakar Singh smilingly forgives all who talk ill of Him and does not pick flaws in others. His love embraces all humanity.

Purity, Godliness, and spirituality flow from Him like shining springs of cool and refreshing waters, bringing life to the parched and arid hearts of the aspirants who joyfully move along the spiritual path under His able guidance.

Sant Thakar Singh does not wear any conspicuous form of dress. Sant Thakar Singh adopts just an easy middle path. His grand trunk road bypasses austerities on the one hand, and forms and formalities on the other. His teaching consists of enunciating natural truths, which sink into the soul. Everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, age, or sex, can practice the spiritual discipline enjoined by Him.

Sant Thakar Singh never believes in, nor performs miracles for attracting people and gaining their credence. Sant Thakar Singh keeps His treasures well concealed in the deepest recesses within Him. He may, if necessity demands, make use of His powers on some special occasion. The disciples, of course, everyday feel the hidden hand of the Master working for their welfare and advancement.

Sant Sant Thakar Singh travels extensively the world over, usually spending six months in India and six months in other countries. He has helped the peoples of Africa, The Far East, Europe, North, South, and Central America, and Asia. Sant Thakar Singh never takes rest and feels dire necessity to reach all of humanity as quickly as possible.

This information Sant Thakar Singh gives is not limited to any religion, it is a universal religion, acceptable to everyone. It is a rejoining or finding of your own personal connection.

"Don't believe what I say. Only believe when you find the truth of what I say. I do not make followers but look to everyone as my brother and sister."

(H. H. Sant Sant Thakar Singh)


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