Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj

Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, the greatest modern Master, was born on 6th February,1894 in Sayyad Kasran,Punjab (now in Pakistan). He studied the Science of Spirituality at the feet of Baba Sawan Singh from 1924 to 1948 and was entrusted by His Master to carry on His work for which he founded Ruhani Satsang, a common platform for all persons believing in any faith or religion. For the next twenty six years, Kirpal Singh taught Surat Shabd Yoga, the natural way to finding God, to innumerable disciples worldwide.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj went on world tours thrice in 1955, 1963 and 1972. The Christian world honoured itself in vesting Sant Kirpal Singh with the title of ' Knight of Malta' which had never before been accorded to any non-christian anywhere in the world. He remained President of the World Fellowship of Religions for fourteen years. He convened the gigantic World Conference on Unity of Man in February 1974 which was attended by religious, social and political leaders from all over the world and was a major step towards His vision for a peaceful society. His belief that 'as man we are one, as soul we are all one and the God Power we worship in one or the other form is the same referred to by so many different names', was the substance of this Conference. Kirpal Singh taught that Masters who came in the past spoke of the human form as the golden opportunity to solve the mystery of life, to know themselves and to know God. The essence of His teachings is that as conscious entities, we are all drops of the Ocean of all Consciousness and as such, we are all brothers and sisters in God. He was the first non-political leader to address the Indian Parliament on 1st Aug, 1974. His long life, inbued with love for God and humanity, brought peace and fulfillment not only to his disciples, but to all those who came in His contact. His life was the embodiment of His teachings.

Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, appointed by Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj as his successor, spread the teachings ofSant Mat all over the world through three world tours and travel in India. To make mysticism understood by people in the West, he presented spirituality as a science, one that could be practiced as an experiment within the laboratory of human body.

He was a living example of a perfect human being. Full of love and compassion, he devoted his entire life to love of God and service to humanity. He demonstrated how it was possible to live a normal life in the world, attain spiritual enlightenment, and serve humanity. He devised an introspection diary for his initiates, a tool to help them analyze their lives in order to develop the qualities of nonviolence, truthfulness, purity, humility, and selfless service. During his mission, he initiated over 80,000 souls into the Mysteries of the Beyond.

The great spiritual Master devoted himself to promoting human unity and world peace. In 1956 he gave the inaugural address to the Ninth General Session of UNESCO held in New Delhi, India. His speech, “World Peace in the Atomic Age,” is a road map for obtaining and maintaining world peace. At this time, religious leaders would not even sit together on the same platform. Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj’s ability to unite people of different religions based on the commonality of all faiths resulted in his being unanimously elected President of World Fellowship of Religions Conferences held in 1957, 1960, 1965, and 1970. These conferences brought heads of different religions together in order to understand one another in a spirit of love and respect.

He founded Sawan Ashram in Delhi and in 1969 established Manav Kendra, a center to help people develop physically, mentally, and spiritually, while practicing service to humanity and the environment.

Sant Kirpal Singh left His physical frame on 21st Aug, 1974 in His 81st year -- stepping out of His body in full consciousness . His life bears eloquent testimony that the age of the prophets is not over; that it always was and still is possible for human beings to find God and reflect His will.


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