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ABOUT GURU :Vyasa is a central and revered figure in the majority of Hindu traditions. He is also sometimes called Veda Vyasa, (the one who compiled the Vedas) or Krishna Dvaipayana (referring to his complexion and birthplace). He is the author as well as a character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata and considered to be the scribe of both the Vedas, and the supplementary texts such as the Puranas. A number of Vaishnava traditions regard him as an avatar of Vishnu. Vyasa is conflated by Vaishnavas with Badarayana, the author of the Vedanta Sutras. Vyasa is also considered to be one of the seven Chiranjivins (long lived, or immortals), who are still in existence according to general Hindu belief. The festival of Guru Purnima, is dedicated to him, and also known as Vyasa Purnima as it is the day, which is believed to his birthday and also the day he divided the Vedas. The life history of Ved Vyas is an interesting one. The author of the great epic Mahabharata, Ved Vyas was the first and greatest acharya of Sanatan Dharma. He is responsible for classifying the four Vedas, wrote the 18 Puranas and recited the great Mahabharata. In fact, the Mahabharata is often called as the fifth Veda. The most important and the most glorified section is the Bhagwad Gita, the lesson recited to Arjuna by Lord Krishna on the battlefield. The biography of Ved Vyas is very vivid and makes an interesting read. Around some 5000 years ago, he was born on an island on the holy river Yamuna. His father was Parashar Rishi, a sage and his mother was Satyavati. He taught the Vedas to his pupils with ardent devotion and dedication. It is said that Mahabharata is the 18th Puran that was written by Ved Vyas. He fathered four famous sons, Pandu, Dhritarashtra, Vidur and Sukhdev. Ved Vyas received knowledge from great sages like Vasudeva and Sanakadik. He described that the most important goal in one's life is to attain Narayana or the Divine Supreme. Apart from the Mahabharata, he also wrote the Brahmasootra, one of his shortest theologies on Hindu philosophy. It is said that Ved Vyas is immortal and he never died. Seeing the widespread violence in today's times, he is said to have retreated into some remote village in Northern India. The life of Ved Vyas is an example to all in the modern times on how to be selfless and devote oneself entirely to Lord in order to attain Nirvana.

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WORK DONE : Ved Vyas is the profound author of one of the greatest epics "Mahabharata", a marvel in the literature of the world. Besides he also classified the four Vedas and wrote eighteen Puranas and Brahma sutras. He was the guiding light to many in their times of need for over seven generations. Every year the Guru Purnima festival also known as Vyas Purnima is celebrated in honour of Ved Vyas. Mahabharta is written by Ved Vyas.Krishna, Kunti, Gandhari, Arjuna, Bheema, Karana, Abhimanyu, Bhisham Pitamah, Duryodhana, Dharam Raj Yudhistera are all important charachters of story. The Vedas could not be written by Ved Vyas alone as it took centuries to be written. It was the work of all the Principals or Gurus of the universities of those times. Those Gurus or Principals of those universities were called as Ved Vyas. After complete destruction it was interest of all scholars to write scientific knowledge as detailed as possible. So story of Mahabharta is written. Without Vyas, there would no Kauravas, no Padavas and no 'Mahabharata' War-or the Mahabharata story, either. It was Vyas himself who gave the story of Mahabharata to manking. It is said that it was Lord Brahma who motivated him to write the story of the Mahabharate with the help of Lord Ganesha. He saw the rise of quite a number of powerful kings and dynasties. Being a ‘rishi’ who could live for hundreds of years, it is believed that he is still living in Badari.


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