Shri Krishna 24 Naam Mantra

This is very famous mantra of Lord Krishna. In this mantra various names of Lord Krishna are recited to worship the God Krishna Who is the avaatar of God Vishnu. Hindi lyrics of the Krishna Mantra are also provided. Following is the Krishna Mantra in English


Shri Keshvay namah, Naraynay namah, Madhvay namah,

Govinday namah, Vishnve namah, Madhusudnay namah,

Trivikramay namah, Vamnay namah, Shridhray namah,

Hrshikeshay namah, Padhanabhay namah, Damodaray namah,

Sankrshnay namah, Vasudevay namah, Prdyumnay namah, 

Aniruddhay namah, Purushottmay namah, Adhoxjay namah,

Narsinhay namah, Achyutay namah, Janardnay namah,

Upendray namah, Haraye namah, Shri Krishnay namah.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jan 08, 2011

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