Shravan Mahina Or Sawan Mas

Shravan Mahina shivlingam puja

Shravan Mahina, or Sawan Mas, in the Hindu calendar is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devoties perform special prayers and rituals in Shiva temples through out the holy month. During this month kanwarias travel long distances from there home town on foot to the origin of Ganga River to collect Gangajal the holy water, to bath the shivling at their homes or in temples at their native places. Somvar or Mondays in the month is considered highly auspicious for the worship of Lord Shiva.

Legend of Shravan Mahina:

It is believed that Lord Shiva to save the world drank the poison ‘halahala’ that came out during the Samdura Manthan or churning of ocean. Then all the gods offered the water of ganga to cool Lord Shiva and to remove the ill effects of the poison. The main Shravan Puja is the worship of Shivling with Gangajal, belpatra or pure water. Some people observe fast on Mondays. Many people observe different vows during the month like having only vegetarian food, or reading a particular Holy Scripture like Shiv Puran on all days of the month.

Shiva temples across North India have special poojas in this month. Baidhyanath Dham and Kashi Vishwanath Temple is visited by hundered of thousands of Hindus in the month of Sawan. Amarnath Yatra and Mani mahesh yatra is also performed in this holy month. In north India large crowds of devotiees visits Naina Devi and Chintapurni Mata temples during navratra of savan. Shravan Mahina is also the first month of Chatur Mas – the four holiest months in Hindu Calendar.Devoties also perform Sawan Somwar Vrata during this period to get the blessings of Shiva. Mondays are dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Mondays in Shravan Mahina are even more auspicious.

Special Pujas, festivals and Vrats during Shravan Month:

In Gujarat, Shravan is the month of Vrats and the Vrat cycle for many Hindu communities commences in Shravan. There are people who only take a single meal during the Shravan month. Strict vegetarian diet is followed by many. Shravan somwar Vrat is observed to get a good husband and for the prosperity and long life of husbands and for a peaceful and happy life. Some couples also observe the fasting for saving their children from serious diseases.Fasting, pujas and rituals on Saturdays in Shravan month is observed to escape from the bad influence of Lord Shani. Veerpasli is a vrat observed on the first Sunday of Shravan and is continued for next eight days for the welfare of male members in the family.Noli Nom is observed on the ninth day of Shravan by childless couples.Phool Kajali and Chokha Kajali are observed on the third day of suhkula and krishna paksha. This is for getting a good life partner and for a happy married life. Gai Vrat which is observed during the entire Shravan month is also to get a good husband. Bhe Bharas is another ritual observed on the 12th day of Sawan and is observed near a water body.Bol Choth is another important ritual observed by all the family members and it is for the welfare of cattle. People cook outside on the day.

Festivals like Naga Chaturthi, Nag Panchami, Sri Krishna Jayanti, Dahi Handi, Gopala Kala, Raksha Bandhan, Shitala Satam, Randhan Chat and Narali Purnima are also observed in the month. Other rituals in the month include Mahalaksmi Pujan, Varalakshmi Puja and Durva Ganapati Puja. All days in the Shravan month are considered auspicious and each day of the week is associated with certain god as below:

    Monday – Shiva Puja

    Tuesday – Mangala Gouri Puja

    Wednesday – Budh Puja

    Thursday – Brihaspati Puja

    Friday – Jara Jivantika Puja

    Saturday – Ashvatta Maruti Puja

    Sunday – Aditya Puja

Fridays, Shravani Shukravar, in the month is chosen for observing special pujas for the welfare of children and there are also community puja. Puran lamps are prepared for placing on puja thali. Special Puran dishes are also prepared on the day. Traditional red kumkum tika is applied on the forehead of the children.

People avoid non-vegetarian food in the month and abstain from drinking alcohol. There is a scientafic consideration also related with this month. This is the month when Mother Nature nourishes with monsoon rains. All the lakes, ponds and rivers are full of water and water born deases are maximum in this period.So the numerous Vratas and rituals in the month are to keep people healthy. Due to monsoon rains farmers are also in happiest moods and pray for the health crops. So sawan mahina or Shravan Mahina is very ausicious for all the people.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jul 17, 2011


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