Vastu And Puja Tips

Here is a collection of few vastu and puja tips which can make your home filled with positive energy. By adopting these tips one can improve overall happiness and can avoid obstacles in his/her life.


1. Always play some religious songs in the house in the morning for few minutes.

2. Don't put the broom upside in your home. Never tuch it with your feet and also don't run over it. Else it will adversally effect the spendings.

3. Don't eat in your bed. If you do so you will have bad dreams.

4. Don't  scattered your shooes and sleepers in your home. This will badly effect the peace in the house.

5. Always do your puja in the morning before 8 am. Always sit on a Kusha or Jute seat facing either East or North for better results.

6. Always set aside first chapati for cow. This will make gods happy and also  keep our incesstors in peace.

7. Always put a pinnacle (Kalash) ful of water in North East direction of your puja room.

8. Never douse holy light (Jyoti), Dhup and worshiped fire with your mouth.

9. Put Dhup, Aggarbati, Hawan Smagri in South East direction which is also known as Fire direction.

10. Put swastic symbol on right side wall of your main gate for luck and positive energy.

11. Always clean the spider webs immediately to avoid bad luck and obstacles.

12. Use sea salt or sendha namak while cleaning your floor once in a week for positive energy.

13. Try to build the puja place in such a place where first sun light comes in the house.

14. Daily puja is must if you have established an idol of the God through proper rituals.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Feb 13, 2015


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