Meaning Of Prana And Its Importance

Human body is composed of five elements:

  • Akash(space or vacuity)

  • Vayu(air)

  • Agni(fire)

  • Jala(water)

  • Prithvi(earth)

From amongst these five elements, Vayu or Air is said to be the essential element, which keeps the body alive and maintains it.

This air, when inspirated in the body by the process of breathing is called 'Prana'.

As is believed in Indian Philosophy and particulary in the science of Yoga and Ayurveda, the aforesaid five elements constitute three Doshas(humours).

These three doshas are -




The functions and the capabilities of these three doshas have been described in Sharang Sanhita as follows:

Pitta, Kapha and the other constituents of the body, and the waste elements are all weak, as on their own, they are not capable of going from one place to another or to affect any function of the body. It is the “vayu”(element of air) which takes them from one place to another, as the clouds in the sky are drifted from one place to another by the force of wind.

Therefore, in the abovementioned three doshas only Vayu has the capability of moving and of making other doshas to move.

One speciality about Vayu dosha is that because of its deyness, lightness in weight it can enter into tinist pores of the body.

According to legends, 'Prana' has been compared to and given the status of Brahma, the supreme being, from whom this entire universe has emerged.

A homan can survive because of 'Prana'. We see people remaining alive without food or water for several days. But it impossible to maintain life without 'Prana' even for a few moments.

In a body sense organs take rest. But 'Prana' always remain active. It moves constantly.

In whole universe this prana is the most potent and useful life giving element.

Life is depedent on Prana. It is prana which provides us with vital energy whivh is the basis of our life and provides us immunity from various kinds of diseases. All the limbs, organs and important glands of the body, such as heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord are provided with life energy by prana. It is that energy which makes our eyes to see. Our ears to hear, our nose to smell and our tongue to speak. It is the pranic energy again which gives lustre to our faces. Makes our minds to think and enables our alimentary system to digest and assimilate tha food that we take.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jun 28, 2011


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