Catagories Or Kinds Of Prana

Prana is the creation of Brahma, the supreame being. The inherent quality of Prana is “Motion”. This quality of Prana is felt and experinced in Vayu(Air) which is always in motion. Its derivatives have been given five different names, depending upon their locations and functions in the body, such as Prana, Apana, Vyana Udana and Samana, however Pranic energy is the same. Known by different names.

Each such Prana has a sub-prana also.

Locations and functions of the five Pranas.

Prana- It is located in the area between the throat and the heart. It is known by the generic name'Prana'.

Function- It provides energy to the organs of breathing, organs of speech and esophagus and makes them active.

Apana- It is located in the region between navel (umbilicus) which is considered to be the centre and focal point of the organs of the body and the toes of the feet.

Function- Its function is to cleanse the body of all the waste and used elements like excretions. Sweat, phelgm, urine, faeces etc. and render the system clean.

Udana- It is spread in the area between the throat and the head.

Function- It energises the organs situated in the area. It covers organs such as the eyes, ears, nostrils, organs in the mouth etc and lends live lusture to the face. It activates pineal and pituitary glands as well.

Samana- It is located in the region between the heart and the navel.

Function- It activates and contols the functioning of the organs like liver, intestines, spleen, pancreas and all the organs of the digestive system.

Vyana- It is spread in the entire body. It energizes controls and regulates the functioning of all the organs of the body, and synthesizes their functioning. In short it activates all the organs of the body, its muscles, tissues, joints and nadis(energy channels).

Besides these five Pranas, there are 5 sub-pranas. Known as

1. Devadatta

2. Naga

3. Krukal

4. Kurma

5. Dhananjay

Functions of all these are sneezing, winking of the eyes, yawning, scraching the skin while itching,hiccups etc.

Pranayam exercises are aimed at cleasing the Pranas and to keep the body healthy.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Jun 29, 2011


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