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Important Questions Regarding Namaskar

Q. If this be so, should we do Namaskar to the dead bodies in Kaliyuga only as a custom? If it is a custom, can we discontinue it? A. One can maintain respect for the dead person by doing Namask...


Namaskar To Saints

1.The portion of head, which should be placed at the feet : We can imbibe maximum Chaitanya through the Brahmarandhra (the seventh chakra of the Kundalini system located in the crown of o...


Namaskar To Elders

Meaning: When an elderly person arrives, the vital energy of the young person starts rising and when he gets up and does Namaskar, it returns to normal. - Manusmruti 2.120; Mahabharat, Udhy...


Namaskar To God

Correct method & science of doing Namaskar to God. While paying obeisance to God, bring the palms together. The fingers should be held loose (not straight and rigid) while joining t...


Meaning And Importance Of Namaskar

The word 'Namaskar' is derived from the root 'namaha', which means paying obeisance (Namaskar) or salutation.   Frome Science of Justice - 'Namaha' is a physical act...



Jyotirlingam is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva where Shiva is worshipped in the form of a Jyotirlingam or "Lingam of Light". There are said to be twelve Jyotirlinga shrines in India al...


Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji On Faith

If you think your faith in God does God a favor, you are mistaken. Your faith in God or your guru does nothing for God or guru. Faith is your wealth.  Faith gives you strength instantly. Fait...


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