Nathdwara Temple

Shrinathji temple is a famous temple in Nathdwara. Nathdwara is a small town in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is situated at a distance of 48kms in the north-east of Udaipur. Nathdwara is sited on the right bank of Banas River. Nathdwara is famous for its 17th century temple that is dedicated to Lord Shrinathji (Lord Krishna). The term 'Nathdwara' suggests the 'gate of the lord'. Shrinathji Temple is also known as 'Haveli of Shrinathji' and makes a prominent pilgrimage of the Hindus / Vaishnavas.


The architecture of this temple is small but it is amazing. The image of Shrinathji is worth seeing and feeling the celestial beauty of the God. Lord Shrinathji symbolizes a form of Lord Krishna, when he lifted the 'Govardhana' (a hill). In the image, the lord is revealed with his left hand raised and the right is bunged in a fist. The idol is carved out of a large black stone. Images of two cows, a snake, a lion, two peacocks and a parrot by the god's head are imprinted on the idol.


The temple has a story behind its establishment. According to the legend, the image of Lord Shrinath ji was enshrined in Vrindavan (land of Lord Krishna), but to protect the idol from the destructive rage of Aurangzeb. In 1672, Rana Raj Singh was the only gallant, who made an effort to rescue the idol from the domain of Aurangzeb. It is said that when the image was being shifted to an impervious place then at a particular place, the wheel of vehicle sank deep down in mud. The image refused to move further, so the escorting priest apprehended that this was Lord's chosen spot. Thus, a temple was built on the same spot.

 The temple authorities have not less than 500 cows and amongst them; one is regarded as Shrinathji's cow. It is considered that this cow has come from the pedigree that served the lord for centuries. Earlier, wagon-loads of food used to come here, which were said to be consigned by and consigned to Shrinathji. The holy shrine of Shrinathji is famous all over Rajasthan and India. People of Vaishnava community come in large numbers to visit this holy pilgrimage.

Fairs & Festivals

During the times of Holi, Diwali and Janmashtmi, people throng in large numbers and the place gets overcrowded. Apart from festivals like Holi and Janmashtmi, Annakutta is a major festival that is celebrated in the temple with full gusto and fervor.

Main attractions

The main attractions are the Aartis and the Shringar, i.e. the dressing and beautifying of the idol of Lord, treating it as a person, decorating it with the most appropriate dresses for the time of day or night. The intricately-woven shaneels and silk clothe have original zari and embroidery work on them, along with tonnes of real precious jewels. The formal prayers are offered with diya, incense sticks, flowers, fruit and other offerings, with local instruments and devotional songs of the Lord Shrinathji, according to the demand of the time and occasion. The view of the idol, called jhakhi, after the parda (curtain) is removed, is a spectacular sight, that is simply mesmerizing, leading to a melee (gully) of visitors crowding to have a glimpse (jhakhi) of the divine Lord.

How to reach there

Nathdwara, situated about 48 Km Northeast of the Udaipur city, is a popular Hindu pilgrimage center. Nathdwara is known for one of the most celebrated pilgrimage shrines in India, which enshrines Krishna as Govardhan Giridhari. Being located near Udaipur, Nathdwara is easily accessible by air, road and rail from different parts of India.

How to Reach Nathdwara by Air

Nearest airport from Nathdwara is Udaipur, located about 48 km away. Regular buses and taxis ply to Nathdwara from Udaipur.

How to Reach Nathdwara by Bus

Nathdwara is approachable by road from Udaipur, which in turn is well connected to other important cities and towns of Rajasthan and North India.

How to Reach Nathdwara by Train

Udaipur is the nearest railhead, well connected to Jaipur, Delhi and other parts of Rajasthan and North India.




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