The Book Of Private Devotion

The publisher of this book utilises modern printing technologies as well as photocopying processes for reprinting and preserving rare works of literature that are out-of-print or on the verge of becom...


Advaita: The Truth Of Non-Duality

'The nature of truth is to be free from contradictions. We approach nearer and nearer truth as we fi nd less and less contradictions. The only thing which is so free is non-duality'...'This may be ach...


Kriya Yoga

For ages and ages Kriya had been the preserve of ascetics and saints who normally lived away from human society. The system was so highly esteemed and possibility of attainments by devotedly adopting ...


God Calling

God Calling, one of the best-selling devotionals of our day, has been read by millions. Now you can offer your customers this popular book in a value-priced edition.


365 Days With E. Stanley Jones

The inspiring writings of E. Stanley Jones will refresh and uplift readers' spiritual journeys and serve as a springboard for personal meditation and reflection. Each one-page reading includes Scriptu...


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