Hebrew Mantras

Book Summary

In Mr. Morel's "Hebrew Mantras," there are about 50 new mantras that can be used for meditation and relaxation. In fact, these mantras have never been published before in any language or culture or religion. These superb mantras demonstrate the highest integrity for meditative practice and are guaranteed to bring about a higher state of illumination in the mind of the practitioner. Keep in mind that these mantras existed before the time of Christ and the Hebrew culture and that in all likelihood they were at the foundation of Hebrew language some thousands of years later. These wonderful mantras have a power all their own and are easy to use by the novice or advanced meditation artist. There are three volumes of mantras altogether but the author is currently working on a fourth volume of mantras for the advanced practitioner, titled "Hebrew Mantras, Volume IV," to be published by Rodaian Press in February 2010.

Book Details

Book Name Hebrew Mantras
Author John Henry Morel
Publisher Rodaian Press (Dec 2008)
ISBN 9781935436003
Pages 108
Language English
Price 1019

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