Art Of Chanting Hare Krishna: Japa Meditation Techniques

Book Summary

In 7 languages, this book explores the rich history and myriad uses of chanting the most powerful mantra for the modern age that has kindled the recent explosion of interest in this ancient art. The Vedas proclaim that chanting the Hare Krishna mantra is the maha-sadhana, the best and only yoga practice for this dark age of conflict, wherein terror and tension prevail. It is the most powerful way to open the heart and experience ecstatic divine love. There can be no peace or harmony in the world unless the people of all nations garland their hearts with the Hare Krishna mantra. Throughout the centuries, all divine masters have taught the same principle-praise the Lord by singing and chanting His holy names. Such praise will pacify the mind, cleanse the heart of lust, anger and greed, and surcharge the soul with joy. "The Art of Chanting Hare Krishna" reveals the science of Mantra Yoga and describes over 60 scientifically proven meditation techniques while chanting by giving practical suggestions for improving concentration and controlling the mind. Discover Spirit in Sound by accepting this sublime process and swim in the ocean of ever expanding bliss.

Book Details

Book Name Art Of Chanting Hare Krishna: Japa Meditation Techniques
Author Mahanidhi Swami
Publisher Iuniverse. Com (Dec 2008)
ISBN 9780595493234
Pages 384
Language English
Price 932

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