Sikh Art And Literature

The full beauty and depth of 500 years of Sikh culture is explored in this lavishly illustrated collection of essays on the religion's art and literature. The collection is accompanied by more than 10...


Studying The Sikhs: Issues For North America

Purchase Books Similar To Studying The Sikhs: Issues For North America Buddhists, Hindus And Sikhs... by Gurinder Singh Mann Rs. 692 Rs. 602 The Making Of Sikh Scripture by Gurinder...


Textual Sources For The Study Of Sikhism

This series is planned to meet a fundamental need in the study of religions, namely that for new, reliable translations of major texts. "McLeod is a renowned scholar of Sikhism. . . . This book] co...


1984 And The Crisis Of Sikhism

Territory: After five hundred years and with twenty million followers, Sikhism is unable to lay claim to an inch of this planet and call it its own. Faith: Sikhism is not a creed but a sect, a religio...


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