Songs Of Saints From Adi Granth

Book Summary

This complete and accessible translation of the songs of the saints from the Sikh holy book the Adi Granth provides access to the hymns written by Hindu and Muslim devotional writers of north India, who flourished from the twelfth to the eighteenth centuries. The songs of the saints hold a unique position in Sikhism in that they provide the faith with a prehistory that reaches back to the dawn of north Indian Bhakti and Sant traditions. These works provided a ground upon which Sikh gurus laid the foundations of their faith. The songs also mark the earliest beginnings of Hindi literature. Although the literary output of these saints comes down to us in various stages of corruption, the works which appeared in the Adi Granth are unchanged since their inclusion in that work in the early 1600s.

Book Details

Book Name Songs Of Saints From Adi Granth
Author Nirmal Dass
Publisher State University Of New York Press (Oct 2000)
ISBN 9780791446843
Pages 308
Language English

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