Shalom Ivrit 3 - Prayer Companion

Book Summary

Students learn prayers from the Shabbat morning Torah service and concluding prayers including Aleinu, Kaddish, and Ein Keloheinu. They connect key themes and concepts, such as the Torah as a tree of life, to source material from the Torah, Mishnah, midrashim, and the haggadah. They learn the meaning of synagogue practices, such as hagbahah and g'lilah, saying the Kaddish in the presence of a minyan, and bowing during Aleinu. Throughout, students are encouraged to make their own meaning of the prayers as they prepare for their own b'nai mitzvah.

Book Details

Book Name Shalom Ivrit 3 - Prayer Companion
Author Peri Sinclair
Publisher Behrman House Publishing (Jul 2007)
ISBN 9780874411683
Language Hebrew
Price 609

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