Mah La'asot: What Should I Do?: A Book Of Ethical Problems & Jewish Responses

Book Summary

Mah La'asot is a book of ethical puzzles and Jewish responses. Students confront a series of moral dilemmas and encounter core Jewish values, such as Tzar Ba'alei Hayyim and Pikuah Nefesh. In the process, they address the legal principles surrounding questions of abortion, suicide, AIDS, euthanasia, use of animals in medical research and more. Also available: How to Be a Jewish Teacher: An Invitation to Make a Difference - ISBN 0933873190 God: Jewish Choices for Struggling With the Ultimate - ISBN 1934527084 Torah Aura Productions publishes books for Jewish schools and families that help celebrate our heritage and our faith. We have over 25 years of experience as the leading creator of high quality educational materials that enable Jewish children to become empowered Jewish adults. Our books guide and enhance the Jewish knowledge, spirituality and identity of children and their families, and our innovative tools bring Judaism alive in synagogues, Hebrew schools, and day schools. Torah Aura Productions was founded in 1981 by a group of innovative Jewish educators who looked out at the field of Jewish education and found materials that were shallow and dull. They started a company to create new tools for families and teachers that would be exciting and meaningful. For more than two decades, Torah Aura has revolutionized the way Jewish schools enable their students to become empowered Jewish adults, and has helped families make Judaism a meaningful presence in their homes. Some of the areas we publish in: - Torah and Bible - Talmud - Jewish teaching - Jewish parenting - Jewish ethics and values - Jewish holidays - the Jewish lifecycle - Israel - Hebrew - Jewish prayer Torah Aura Productions: Making success in Jewish education an achievable reality.

Book Details

Book Name Mah La'asot: What Should I Do?: A Book Of Ethical Problems & Jewish Responses
Author Joel Lurie Grishaver, Janis Alper, Jackie Urbanovic
Publisher Torah Aura Productions (Jun 1992)
ISBN 9780933873698
Pages 64
Language English
Price 260

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