Perennial Psychology Of The Bhagavad-Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is the fountainhead of Eastern psychology, and this new, authoritative translation and commentary is designed to draw out the psychological concepts of this immortal text and make th...


Living With The Himalayan Masters

"I will tell you how I grew up and how I was trained, about the great sages with whom I lived and what they taught me, not through lectures and books but through experiences," writes Sri Swami Rama in...


Aghora II: Kundalini

Aghora, described in this volume as "super-tantra", is a Path of Devotion to the Great Mother Goddess Kundalini, here manifesting with the Name and Image of the Goddess Tara. This way is one of extrao...


The Little Book Of Hindu Deities

Throw another ingredient in the American spirituality blender. Pop culture is veering into Hinduism." -USA Today In The Little Book of Hindu Deities, Pixar animator Sanjay Patel brings to life Hindui...


The Book Of Ram

He is Eka-vachani, a king who always keeps his word; Eka-bani, an archer who strikes his target with the first arrow; and Eka-patni, a husband who is eternally and absolutely devoted to a single wife....


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