The Shakers Of Union Village

Book Summary

Founded in 1805, Union Village began as a religious and communal experiment. Eventually it became one of Americas largest and most productive Shaker communities, its members achieving many firsts in education, equality, music, horticulture, and animal husbandry. Their unique faith influenced every aspect of their lives, from making furniture to raising children. They welcomed the leading figures of the period, including Native American chiefs, politicians, and abolitionists, while they continued to open other Shaker settlements in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Georgia. These vintage imagesincluding many never published beforetrace the Shakers progress as they worked toward creating an earthly paradise. Although Union Village dissolved in 1912, some Shakers remained there for almost another decade. Today Union Villages heritage is still shared with the public at OtterbeinLebanon Retirement Community and in neighboring Lebanon.

Book Details

Book Name The Shakers Of Union Village
Author Cheryl Bauer
Publisher Arcadia Publishing (sc) (Jun 2007)
ISBN 9780738551234
Pages 127
Language English
Price 728

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