The Aletheia: Spirit Of Truth

Book Summary

A series of letters in which the principles of the United Society known as Shakers are set forth and illustrated. By reading this book one can obtain a clear and correct idea of the Shakers' belief and manner of life and of the rise and progress of the Societies. Contents: Duality of God-The Christ Spirit; Constellations, Aristotle, Eternal Punishment, Good Prevailing; Three Cardinal Principles: Confession, Celibacy, Community of Interests; Origins of the Shakers; Mother Ann's Persecutions in England; Thy Will Be Done.

Book Details

Book Name The Aletheia: Spirit Of Truth
Author Aurelia G. Mace
Publisher Bibliolife (Nov 2009)
ISBN 9781117309385
Pages 212
Language English
Price 1619

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